Information in English

We are eight championship canine judges who have founded Svenska Rashundutställningsklubben, SRUK. We have all worked as judges during many years within Svenska Hundklubben as well as in other national and international organizations. Our ambition is to develop the dog-shows for the benefit of the breeding of pure-bred dogs and for the dog-owners. Experienced stewards are working together with us.

We want to award sound and functional dogs without exterior exaggerations, easy to approach and with a nice temperament.

We especially want to focus on dogs which are very true to type and standard of the breed and which also can produce evidence of working qualifications typical for the breed. A working championship is as we see it, the most outstanding award a dog can get.

We want to arrange a number of national and international dog-shows per year where our criteria can imbue the activities.

We co-operate, among other things, through exchange of judges, with other international dog organizations.

We want especially to encourage young people to be able to show their dogs and get deepened knowledge in handling and cynology.

We shall register dogs which fulfill our criteria.

We shall arrange classes for new stewards to be and when needed also for new judges to be.

We shall offer ring-training classes and also seminars about the history of dogs and/or different breeds.

We can help when it comes to select a breed for new dog-owners to be.

We will above all create pleasant and positive dog-shows, knowing that we are in place for the exhibitors and to give their dogs a correct judgement.